Veterans Service Dog Fund – Provide PTSD service Dogs, Training and Certification for military Veterans
diagnosed with PTSD.

The Veterans Service Dog Fund is a division of The International K9 Foundation Professional Dog Training Services,
LLC Profit Business registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office. The International K9
Foundation was established in the late 1990’s by Jeff McCall; A disabled Veteran, Former Marine, Former K9 Officer,
Former D.O.D contractor Kosovo and Iraq, Kennel Master Kuwait and professional dog trainer.  This is NOT a Non-
Profit; you will not receive a Tax deduction for your donation, only peace of mind.

When donation to a large Non-Profit often times the donation never really trickles down to the veteran. Usually
expenses, salary and operating cost are deducted from your donation first, before it’s applied to the cause they
support.  I’m not knocking Non-Profits; they do great work and serve a vital role.

If a veteran needs a PTSD service dog or needs one trained he or she can try to find a Non-Profit to provide one or
pay for it out of pocket.  A non-profit would contact someone like me to provide the dog or train an existing dog. At this
point we now have 3 parties involved and let me tell you, it can get chaotic quick. You can expect funding problems
and miscommunication throughout the process while the veteran is caught in the middle.

The Veterans Service Dog Fund cuts out the middle man; by setting up funding for each individual veteran. Once the
funding goal has been reached for that veteran the funding is closed and training starts. A Donor page is set up for
each veteran; click on the picture and the donor page opens with donation goal and donation meter. Pictures are
posted throughout training so donors can follow along. Once a Service Dog Team graduates, the veteran is required
to take an active role in the program, paying it forward.  Doing so keeps the veteran involved and also helps to keep
costs down.

The actually training takes about 4-6 weeks in accordance with P.A.T standards and guidelines.  Extinctive application
process with verification of diagnosis and documented need.

A for profit business offering no tax deduction for donations. Using a secure third party donor site vie paypal. This group will never contact
you or ask for personal information
Jesse Gonzales & Buddy

Meet Jesse Gonzales and his dog Buddy. Jesse is a
United States Marine Corp Veteran who served in active
duty in Vietnam, from 1969 through 1970. Jesse was
wounded while serving in battle and received a Purple
Heart award.
Upon his return to civilian life, Jesse became a law
enforcement officer and served in that capacity for 30
Jesse has experienced symptoms of Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder since his discharge from the Marines,
which worsened when he retired. It seems more time to
think means more time for flashbacks and panic attacks.
In 2018 Jesse and his wife purchased a 10 week old
Beagle as a pet. This Beagle has instinctively stayed by
Jesse’s side and has helped him, along with Therapy
treatments for PTSD, to live a more normal life. Jesse’s
desire is to train Buddy to be his PTSD service dog, so he
can remain at Jesse’s side always.
I'd like to thank everyone that donated and supported our cause.
All donated funds have gone directly to Jesse and Buddy to help support their journey.
Due to personal reasons Buddy was withdrawn from training by his owner.
The training process requires a short separation period during the Obedience part of the training and
caused unforeseen stress related issues on the owner.